Responsible Gambling

1. Gambling problems are associated with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide. They can affect family relationships, professional and academic progress, and can even lead to bankruptcy and crime. Gambling is an entertaining activity rather than a source of income. Gambling is a thrilling and amusing pastime. Unfortunately, in some cases, involvement in such activities may cause problems. We take care of our customers and do our best to ensure responsible use of our website without any negative consequences. We advertise our products and services in a responsible manner and will not target Young or susceptible people.

2. Underage gambling. Our Company does not allow minors (individuals under 21 years of age / where applicable – 18 years old) to be involved in betting. We take every possible precaution to prevent violation of this rule. We guarantee that our advertisements, sponsorship and marketing campaigns do not contain information targeted to minors.

3. No advertising campaign or promotion misleads users, nor do they distort the nature of the services for potentially susceptible bettors. Customers are informed about the chances of winning as well as the potential risks. Services are provided based on the amount paid and excessive spending is not encouraged.